Rotax 912 iS Sport / 915 iS Limited Edition
100 / 141 hp

Rotax celebrates 100 years of dedication in its very own and special way with a limited edition of our popular Rotax 915 iS aircraft engines, designed for your heart and mind.

Limited Edition Package 
Additionally, to the unique Rotax 100 years edition design we also offer an attractive package of services. Each 100 year edition comes with the following benefits:

• two boxes of 100 hours service-kits
• one box of a 200 hours service-kit, already included in the engine crate
Rotax Extended Service Terms (R.E.S.T.)
Additional Limited Extended Warranty under our R.E.S.T. program, which means additional coverage of 3 years or up to TBO (whatever comes first).
Rotax 100 years Merchandise Collection
The limited edition package also includes a voucher for the “100 years Rotax-Merchandise Collection”. 

Dynamic, turbocharged iS engine with best power-to-weight ratio, full take-off power and a service ceiling up to 23.000 feet. 

• 4-stroke liquid/air-cooled engine with opposed cylinders
• Dry sump forced lubrication with separate oil tank, automatic adjustment by hydraulic valve tappets
• Redundant electronic fuel injection and ignition
• Engine management system (EMS)
• Electric starter (12 or 24 volt) Propeller speed reduction gearbox
• Air intake system with intercooler
• Turbocharger with stainless steel exhaust
• TBO (Time between overhauls) 1,200 hours

Version iS 2

(for fixed pitch propeller)
  • integrated reduction gearbox i = 2,54 with slipper clutch
  • engine management system
  • electronic fuel injection
  • propeller shaft
  • electric starter and relay
  • oil filter and oil tank, without hoses
  • airbox
  • coolant expansion tank
  • coolant pump and internal coolant hoses
  • UNF connection for oil pump
  • Dual integrated AC generator (14V 16A DC; 14V 30A DC)
  • CAN aerospace avionics interface
  • turbo charger with electronic controlled waste gate
  • engine suspension frame, without silent blocks
  • stainless steel exhaust system
  • Intercooler

Version iS 3

(for „constant speed” propellers, controlled hydraulically)
Configuration same as for version 2 additionally equipped with:
  • drive for hydraulic governor and cover for sealing of governor flange


Drawings – electronic version of DMU is available on CDrom at our company. Please call us for details. 

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